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Improving Government Relations

How the renewables industry can influence the regulatory framework

The energy transition is on an irreversible trajectory. The world has confirmed it will move away from hydrocarbons as a source of energy @COP28. Regulations are pivoting to favour blue and green hydrogen solutions. Increasingly, governments worldwide look at how they navigate the energy transition as a potential source of competitive advantage. Yet, there are…
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The Oil and Gas Business during the Energy Transition

The government relations capabilities needed to win Introduction There is plenty of evidence that the energy transition is accelerating. Shareholders and the judiciary forced International Oil Companies to lower emissions. We see them selling their dirtiest assets while investing in renewable technologies. Investors have been piling into ESG funds for a while now. Renewable energy…
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Changing Chemicals

Implications and solutions for Government Relations teams Investments in the Chemicals industry used to deliver solid returns over the long-run. In the Bulk Chemicals business for example, access to low-cost feedstock was a key driver of value and revenues grew twice as fast as GDP. It was about world-scale plants near cheap hydrocarbons, energy sources,…
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Dilemmas & Questions in Government Relations

Leaders of the Global Government Relations function and GR practitioners deal with some unique dilemmas and questions, such as How do we balance our efforts between putting credit in the bank with the government (i.e. cultivate relationships) and focussing on concrete business outcomes? How do we reconcile the desire to lead the function on a…
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How does Government impact business?

Customers are the most important stakeholder for any business. In second place usually comes the government. There is a long list of business areas where the government has the power to impact the value of your business. What will you work on? Brand value loss (e.g. Reputation impact of a compliance issue) Labor Costs (e.g.…
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